We love to create your Holiday experience

  Our Tapas Tour is offering tastings on several local farms. A special experience because we collect the prickly pear tuno indio with the farmer Leo, enjoy a brindis 🥂 under the olive tree and taste diferent goat cheese in the middle of the Island. Watch our video to see some impressions.  

Fuerteventura island goats

 Fuerteventura has more goats than inhabitants. The island has 119 732 inhabitants (2020) and farming is based on goats with more than 125,000 animals. They are the stars because there is a high yield thanks to their milk and meat. To bring the tradition of the goat closer to the traveler, we have created a hiking route with 5 tame goats. 👉🏼 Here you can take a look at the excursion A few days ago we live unique moments when two little goats were born from our goat Milu, a mini goat. In a few months they will be part of the group that goes out to shepherd with the tourists. Visit us on Instagram and Facebook to see them grow. Greetings, Kristina Fuerte Authentic Tours 

Fuerteventura hiking 10 recommendations

Prepared for your hikes? You should know that: Fuerteventura is a natural island that is only just getting used to outdoor sports. This means that there are little prepared hiking trails and hardly any signs. 10 recommendations for you. 1) Before you set off, find out about the terrain. Apps like Komoot, Wikiloc and Google Maps provide information about routes and altitude. 2) Think of sun protection , especially a hat and suncream are important. This is a great way to get out of the sunstroke and unloved sunburn. 3) water, water, water . Take at least 1.5 liters of water per person with you, because additional shopping is not often available. 4) Sporty clothing makes the hike easier. Fuerteventura has warm summer weather all year round. Long or short skirts, thick socks, sturdy heavy clothing, flip flops and sandals are not recomended. 5) Take a windbreaker with you. Especially useful when the sun comes down because it gets cold quickly. Fuerteventura is the windiest of the Can